Wednesday, January 27, 2010

“Apple tablet”: How will it look like?

People are talking about “Apple tablet”. We can see so many news, views, rumors and speculations regarding “Apple tablets” these days. Many designers are sketching their ideas of Apple tablet. I googled “apple tablet” and saw so many pictures about the product which is not even released.
I am wondering what will be the name of the tablet, may be something like iTablet (like iPhone, iPod. People are also saying that the name might be iSlate). This might be the fusion of iPod and iPhone in one, or might be way more powerful and useful than those, or might be just another model of Mac book Pro.
I am also wondering how this highly anticipated gadget will look like. Will it look like one of these? Will it bring a new technological breakthrough or it will be just another gadget? I hope Mr. Jobs announces the new gadget soon, and I will get all my answers. :-)

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  1. Okay, it has been announced now.. Its iPad not iSlate ..

    To know more about iPad please refer

    Mr. Jobs said "Its unbelievably great, way better than a laptop, way better than a smartphone"..